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The "World of Glym" encyclopedia.
All the info based on the books written and illustrated by Brazilian Author Gregory Lopes.
(em busca de informações em Português? Visite o Link: Mundo de Glym.)

The Books

Currently there are four books in writing and illustration process (since the year of 2008; but some ideas are much more oldest than that):

A Ilha dos Brinquedos (Island of the Toys)

The misadventures of Liz Oliven, a lonely girl who is trapped on a Island habitated by living toys and night creatures...

O Giralua (Julia and the Moonflower)

The strange story of a girl travelling inside a magical book.

A Lenda da Máscara da Lua (The Legend of the Moonmask)

The epic tale of a warrior fighting to save his love, his family and the entire world, while at the same time, a powerful and magic artefact - the so called "Mask of the Moon" - tries to distract him from his honorous destiny.

O Viajante (The Golden Traveller)

The Desert has spoken: "You're free to pursue your Dream. And you will find the Way of the Forest, after walking in silence for two days; but is only for you and no one more, what you will find beyond this place". Then, the Golden Traveller walked on his path. The emotional journey of a Cursed Mage who is trying to the find the "reason" of his Life.

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